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What is BB360?

A holistic approach to on-demand training, tutorials, warm-ups, drills, courses that go beyond the moves, and much more.


What BB360 students are saying

"My favorite part about BB360 is how different it is. Not only does it have drills and choreography, but it also has courses and foundation classes which is amazing! Because I don't get to only dance, but I also get to sit down and learn about other things that are important and essential to dance as well."

Laura Ndongndeh (Canada)

"One of the things that I love the most about this platform in addition to the excellent choreographic classes, is that part in which the choreographers or teachers tell us about important topics about dance, such as its history, its why its foundation."

Livia Labrador (Venezuela)

"Drills! Most hip hop classes I’ve taken do a short warm up and jump right to choreography but I love taking classes focused on technique because I feel it’s where I’m most lacking and it facilitates picking up and retaining choreo and just helps with my overall flow."

Natalia G (USA/Texas)

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